Join us for a 30 day adventure for positive change!

We live in a world where we are bombarded with impressions, opinions and sales tactics at all times. It is overwhelming, confusing, and disruptive, and it usually makes it easier to just do nothing. But, enough is enough and now we want to take back control of our own existence! In order to create a better world, we must start with ourselves wherever we are in the world. During 2019, Kiwano and our ambassadors around the world will work on how we relate to our planet, our relationships and our inner health, and further share how this is experienced across countries, cultures and perceptions.


Each weekday through the months you choose to participate, you will receive motivational letters of inspiration full of interesting facts, urges and challenges. We will only send you info about the monthly topics you are interested in, and you can choose whether you want to subscribe to only one topic or more. Our goal with the campaign is that you as a participant should be inspired to make informed choices in line with your values ​​and wishes for the future.


We want to create an international community of people across all of our destinations. Signing up for the campaign gives you access to our Inner Circle group on Facebook, an inspirational forum where all participants together discuss the topics of our campaign and share their contributions to positive change. We also encourage you to use the hashtag #StartingWithTheSelf to share inspirational content across Instagram, our website and other social media.


We understand that most people's inboxes are already overflowing with daily newsletters from companies screaming for attention. Each inspirational letter you receive from us will therefore be less than 300 characters long and the tips are designed to be easy to implement in an otherwise busy everyday life. If you want more depth, Kiwano's blog and our social media daily will be filled with additional inspiration.

12 Months Full of Inspiration

2019 will represent a year of adventurous change for us at Kiwano Travel, and we can't wait to share some exciting inspiration with you! Below are the themes we want to address through the #StartingWithTheSelf campaign. Each hatch will open as the month approaches, but you can already get a sneak peek and sign up for either one or more themes through the form further down the page.

Sign up!

The more we are, the bigger changes we can make for a more sustainable future! Join the #StartingWithTheSelf campaign through the form below or send us an email so we can add you. You choose which challenges you want to take part in and you can cross out the topics that interest you below. Welcome to a 2019 filled with positive energy, creative change and exciting development! We look forward to growing with you!

Mark the start of your adventure by taking our pledge!

Our goal is to create an international movement of change-minded and inspirational people from all over the world, who together work for a sustainable future. Before you start, please take our pledge and share it with your network. Download the document below, enter your name, take a background photo that inspires you and upload it to social media under the hashtag #StartingWithTheSelf. We are also happy to share your picture here and on our blog if this is of interest to you. The goal of our pledge is to create an inspiring commitment that leads you and your friends to make reflected choices for a smarter everyday life.


Kiwano Travel wants to create a large international community of creative and change-minded individuals, who together work towards a happier, more reflected and sustainable society based on understanding and respect. We want to reach a large audience both in Norway and internationally and are therefore very grateful if you share the #StartingWithTheSelf campaign with your network. Together we can make a difference!